DroneAid: Ukraine is a North American non-profit putting life-saving humanitarian drones and supplies on the ground and in the air in Ukraine right now. The organization supports Revived Soldiers Ukraine: a non-profit conducting humanitarian aid missions in the most devastated parts of that country. Through creative partnerships, DroneAid is saving lives without risking lives.

Riaz Mamdani, Canadian business leader and philanthropist, is chair of this campaign. Through his company, Strategic Group, he has donated nearly half a million dollars to help RSU purchase a larger fleet of drones.

Riaz Mamdani, Chair
DroneAid: Ukraine
“This is our chance to lend meaningful and immediate humanitarian support to Ukrainians. I have been involved in drone development for more than a decade, and it is incredible to see how the technology, especially Draganfly’s, has advanced to a point where we can do incredibly accurate and fast humanitarian search and rescue and medical delivery activity in dangerous environments; we can now save lives without risking lives.

I have contributed to a lot of social causes over the years, but this is the first time I am 100 percent confident that my actions as a donor will literally save lives. When I learned about this project, it was not a question of if I should donate, but of how much I would. Through DroneAid: Ukraine, I hope everyone can join us and help the people of Ukraine in the midst of this devastating invasion.”